2017 is with us, and Ross celebrates the anniversary of the Buddha's enlightenment with a Teisho!

Another new talk available from Ross, from his upcoming book, "Crows Fly Backwards" on the Western Koan. Salmon Gums, listen to it here

We have just received an inspiring and beautiful new article from Ross - Art and Time!

Some new contributions from Ross can be found on our Talks/Teishos page.

5 ranks Cover 5Review of "The Five Ranks" from Ted Biringer.


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Ross Bolleter is a Zen teacher in the Diamond Sangha lineage. He teaches primarily in the Zen Group of Western Australia. Ross was authorized to teach in 1992 by John Tarrant, and received transmission from Robert Aitken and John Tarrant in 1997. He has taught extensively in Australia and New Zealand and has successors in both places.

The accompanying photo shows him with two of his New Zealand successors: Arthur Wells (left) and Glenn Wallis (right). His other successors include Mary Jaksch (New Zealand), Susan Murphy (Sydney), Bob Joyner (Adelaide), and Ian Sweetman (Perth), with whom he co-teaches in West Australia.


Ross has two grown up children, Amanda and Julian, and is now a grandfather twice over. He is also a well known composer, performer and poet.

You can click here to read an edited extract from The Five Ranks, Ross's recent book

 5 ranks Cover 5